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I'm going through menopause, how can Femcares help me?

We collect all necessary information into an app so you have it all in one place, which saves both time and energy for you. You can expect to find information about symptoms, treatment, lifestyle, hormones and much more.

I'm a gynocologist, how can I help?

Where is your information coming from?

Our information comes from 1177 Vårdguiden and Socialstyrelsen. We always write where the information comes from and links to the original source.

Is the app for free?

Is menopause your specialization? Are you passionate about women's help and want to be part of breaking the taboo around menopause? Then we'd like to collaborate with you. Your expertise and experience are crucial in order to make a change and we would appreciate having you on board. Contact us through the link below.

The app is currently under development and will be available to BETA- testers, for free of course. Do you want to be among the first user to try out the app? Contact us through the link below.

If you can’t find your question above, get in touch with us - we’re happy to help.

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